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1. Kdp bio uk
Biographies of the mathematicians leibniz and goldbach, the inventor henry ford, baseball player babe ruth, inventors wright brothers, poet carl sandburg, chemist and physicist faraday, and the astronomer and mathematician pythagoras are in this book.

2. 2012 mayan calendar information
Information on 2012, concerning the mayan calendar and the so called end of the world

3. A fact behind the fact
It has wittingly or unwittingly, endangered the whole world and the humanity, against the preaching of moses and jesus christ (musvi and essvi islam). more so, through media propaganda, rather ‘media magic’, they are portraying islam as an anti-human, an

4. В поисках истины.
Альтернативная история, цивилизации, вселенная, непознанное, фальсификации истории

5. About warfare
"tanră o bazbitorilor de istorie militară o bază de date extinsă de vehicule blindate dezvoltate pentru forţele armate ale epocii celui de al doilea război mondial.

6. Acients
History acients (История Древнего мира во всей красе, археология, нумизматика общество, карты)

7. Amazing men and their magical machines
A look into some magical inventions and the amazing men who created them

8. American anti-communist alliance
The american anti-communist alliance fights with the tea party movement against communism and the obama administration

9. American civil war
American civil war 1861-1865 and slavery history. there are also a lot of letters and diaries about how it was in the war, this category is growing all the time. i now that a cuple of schools use my site.

10. Ancient man: exploring ancient history
A collection of resources and links, categorized by continent, for exploring ancient, prehistoric and early people of the world. study ancient egypt, ancient rome, ancient greece and other ancients from around the world; or look into the world of our ea

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