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"Peter appears to have "The Midas Touch" with Internet marketing and web site promotion programs. Everything that he touches turns into a gold star product or service.

Peter deserves ten out of ten for technical and artistic merit in AD 2005 but he appears to be one of those people, like the composer Verdi, whose work gets better and better as he gets older.

Verdi was acknowledged as an infant musical prodigy when he was three years old.  He carried on improving with age until he wrote his most inspired work in his mid eighties. 

Keep up the good work Peter! 

We will anticipate more gems and works of art from you."


Judy H

"Hello Peter and team,

You probably don't know this, but I have spent a lot of money using your service over the last year.  Only because of the response I get to my sites as the result. 

I have two of my own servers and own several of my own sites.  You guys do a great job and it is a pleasure to feed money into your business."

Regards, John H

"I feel that the TrafficG Network is a phenomenal creation. Keep up the good work!"

Neil Holmberg

"I just signed up and I must admit this program is great! Several superb ways to get more visitors to my site, Thankyou!"

Martin Gorringe

"TrafficG is by far the most effective click thru exchange network around. So far I have received new affiliates in programs I promote, increased sales for the software I promote and traffic of course."

Rod Dufrin




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